Undergraduate Admissions

Your journey to a lifetime of worldwide impact starts here. If you are new to Bethany Global University, request a brochure to learn more or, if you are ready to take the first step, you can start your application here. Our admissions team is ready to answer your questions, help you process your calling, and assist you with the application process.

Enrollment Dates

Fall Semester:  August 20, 2018

Spring Semester:  January 82019 (summer semester required)


Any applicant to Bethany Global University must:

  • meet the academic requirement of a CGPA of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale in their most recent full-time academic enrollment or pass the GED exam with an average score of C or higher
  • meet basic physical fitness standards as needed to successfully complete the required Practical Training component of the BGU program (applies to full-time students only)

BGU is registered with both the State of Minnesota, Office of Higher Education and with the Department of Education as an institution of instruction.

Additional Eligibility Requirements

In addition, the following eligibility requirements apply to particular types of students and/or enrollment in particular programs.

  • International applicants must demonstrate college-level English proficiency.
  • All applicants accepted for enrollment will be subject to a background check. This check may be performed as part of the application assessment process if deemed necessary by the Admissions Committee.

During the process, we may ask for a  basic background check, if deemed necessary by the college.

Bethany Global University reserves the right to request additional information as part of the application process, upon request from the Admissions Committee.

Admissions Checklist

Step 1: Apply

Recruitment Office

  1. Fill out the application form on the website by clicking here »
  2. Submit application components in the Admissions Hub »
    • Pay the application fee
    • Fill out the personal history document
    • Send the reference form link to three references
    • Send in all unofficial high school and/or prior college transcripts to admissions@wwv.bethanygu.edu

Application Deadlines


Fall Semester

Starting an application is due by August 1st.

Completing all of the application components is due by August 10th.

Spring Semester

Starting an application is due by December 1st.

Completing all of the application components is due by December 10th.

Disclaimer: Applications can be submitted after these soft deadlines since BGU offers a rolling admissions process; however, an applicant would need to be able to complete all of the required enrollment and financial requirements before Orientation.

Step 2: Financial Process

Financial Aid Office

  1. Submit FAFSA (www.fafsa.ed.gov)
  2. Complete the VFAO Interview
    • An e-mail will be sent to you with instructions once you have been accepted into BGU.
  3. Follow your Financial Aid Status in the Admissions Hub
  4. Finish FAFSA Verification (If selected)
    • An e-mail will be sent to you with instructions and your Financial Aid Status will be updated in the  Admissions Hub, if you are selected.
  5. Review your Financial Aid in Populi when your Financial Aid Status is Complete
    • An Award Notice will also be emailed to those students receiving federal financial aid.
  6. Connect with Financial Aid representatives if you have questions about any of these additional forms of aid (i.e. private loans, outside scholarships, 529 College Savings Plan)

Student Billing Office 

  • Connect with the Finance Department if you have questions about your payment plan (if necessary)
    • An email will be sent to you with your payment plan if there is a remaining balance on your account after your financial aid has been completed

Step 3: Prepare to Arrive on Campus

Enrollment Office

  1. Pay your Room Deposit through the Admissions Hub
  2. Start getting to know your classmates on the incoming student Facebook page
  3. Complete the quick and simple online Orientation Seminar (includes forms to request your roommate preferences and a Practical Training Questionnaire)
  4. Take the required online Title IX Training
  5. Request all final, official transcripts from your high school and/or prior colleges
  6. Request parking (instructions sent to you by email 2 months prior to arrival day)
  7. Send in your Arrival Information form (sent to you by email 4 weeks prior to arrival day)

Registrar’s Office

  1. Review any transfer credits approved by the Registrar’s Office (prior college-level credits including dual credit coursework done for both high school and college and AP test results)

Step 4: On-Campus Arrival & Orientation Week

  1. Move-in day! Meet your roommates, Student Live Advisor, and staff. Parents and family members are welcome.
  2. Start using your Office 365 account and .edu email (login send during Orientation Week)
  3. Team building activities and social events
  4. Campsplosion camping trip (fall start term)
  5. Practical training interviews and placements
  6. Engaging sessions to launch you into the school year