After 70+ years of education, Bethany Global University has become well known around the world by educators and leaders.

“Bethany Global University has been blazing recently. Their desire to make the learning environment as real and authentic as possible through global placements throughout their studies has a huge impact on the effectiveness of their graduates. Their willingness to include majors that will equip workers to go into the marketplaces of the world ensures we have a relevant workforce for this changing global environment. ”
—Andrew Harris – President TMM, Inc.

“‘I first learned of the Bethany through books. I heartily recommend their program everyone I can—a program that is much more than a program. Bethany is a hands-on experience that does more than educate, it changes perspectives.”
—Jim Notting – Director of Project World

“I wholeheartedly endorse Bethany Global University and its outstanding effectiveness in preparing young men and women for service to the world.”
—Les Holdem

“I have also studied a broad variety of training models. In my estimation, the “Bethany model”, including the 16-month overseas internship, is the most effective model in use today. It brings students into direct contact with actual life better than any other.”
—Paul Tipman

“Bethany Global University is committed to the holistic and cross-cultural training. Students receive a strong academic foundation and vocational development  to forge effective leaders.”
—Anne-Marie Standon

“Be trained, prepared, and launched into a global career without the encumbering debt that plagues so many college graduates. The training and preparation doesn’t stop at the book level; it includes mentoring and significant cross-cultural experience. This all adds up to a life-changing experience”
—Eric Billman